The Witch

Welcome my pretties 

I'm Leonie, nice to meet ya! 


Musician, Blogger, Photographer, Gamer, Witch, Autistic, Deaf, Dog mum, Phat bitch, and all-round chaos gremlin. 

The Witch & The Hounds is a hub for everything in the world of Leonie. 

whether you are here to read my blog, listen to my band, or just stare at pictures of my cute dog. I hope you know I appreciate you being here! 

This is a safe space for all! 

18+ content 

The Hound

This beautiful collection of fluff is Gimli 


Miniture Dachound, Therapy dog, puppy model, food theif, freeloader, bestfriend and all round love of my life. 

Yes I am one of those people that treats their dog like their child. He's has saved my life more times that i can count so it only seems fair i give him the best life I can. 

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