MY Family

Hi There! 

So you want to know about us huh?

Don't we look cute 

well then, My name is Leonie and this is my partner Djosé and we are two 20 something musicians. That handsome little boy in the middle is Gimli, My Therapy dog. He's saved my life more times than I can say and that's just in the first year of having him with us! 

Collectively we are a little happy family and are excited to bring y'all along on our adventures. 


How Did We Get Here?

The up's & downs of living with Mental Health

At the beginning of 2017, My (Leonie) health took a turn we were not expecting. I have suffered from many different mental health conditions since a very young age but a life time of pretending to be ok officially caught up with me. After 3 months of being signed off work and seeing no end to how I was feeling I was asked to leave my job and just like that, I had no income, no professional support and no hope...

All this turned out to have a silver lining because, without it, we would have never had a therapist suggest getting a dog and training them to act as a Therapy Dog. 

I can't imagine my life without him now and I can't even begin to explain how grateful I that he came into our lives. 

Want to know the full story? 

Music & Witchcraft

Other than my ball of fluff (the dog...not djosé) the two main joys in my life are music and witchcraft. both of these two things have been incredibly important to me in terms of taking control of my mental health. 

I've always been too scared to share my music or my craft with the world out of fear of judgement and failure. 


This bitch doesn't care anymore.

I'm gonna share it as much as possible and if Y'all don't like it?

then you don't have to listen. 


but y'know...if you do like that would be great.