Investing in an Ad slot can be a great investment in the growth of your blog. Send more traffic to your website and increase your social media following!

Whats included: 
One button on blog side bar
Included in my #FF every friday of that month
Included in my Advertisers blog post
2 of your posts pinned in my advertisers board on Pintrest
Retweet Of 2- 5 blog post published that month on twitter
One personal shoutout on twitter that month
(T&C apply)


  • T&C- Some of the things included in this packages rely on you also. The blog post share on fb requires you to inform me of when the post is up and the link.

     If you do not share links to your blog posts on twitter I can not retweet. If you do not already have a blog button I am happy to make one for you, in this case the package goes up by £1 and you can of course keep the button and use it wherever else you would like. I will decide if I use one of your photos or one of my own for your personal shoutout on instagram. If i do use one of your own photos I will of course check with you and give you full credit for the picture on the post.