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We love working with brands that we are passionate about! Get in touch with us and lets starting creating some awesome content together!

There are 5 main topics we like to talk about here on The Witch & The Hounds however we are open to offers from things outside of these topics.


First and foremost this blog is for the dogs of the house. We love getting new things for them to try out. Gimli (male black and tan mini dachshund) is a big fan of anything he can eat! he makes a particularly wonderful clothes model as I'm sure you've noticed by now. He doesn't like anything that restricts his movement or his ears but other than that he always game! speaking of games...TOYS! What puppy doesn't love toys right?  We are always up for trying out any new toys and gadgets with the pups. Since we run a doggy daycare and boarding Business there are lots of doggies to try out products with us!


Music - I like to share my music making process here on the site as I record from home most of the time and I want to help others know how to make music from their homes also. 


Mental Health - Since my dogs are also trained to be therapy dogs we like to talk about mental health a lot on our blog also. Raising awareness and doing whatever we can to help others in very important to us and so if you are a brand that can be a part of that message we would love to hear from you. 


Puppies - All doggy brands are welcome! The pups love getting new things to try out whether it's food, toys, gadgets or clothes!


Lifestyle - Lifestyle products and brands are also very much welcome on this blog. We like to blend our content in a way that people get to see our day to day life as well.


Witchcraft - Id love to feature more Witchcraft stores here on the site! us witches gotta stick together am I right! 

Eco Living - we are big advocates of eco-friendly living in every aspect of our lives and would love to work with companies of the same ethics.


Youtube - Our youtube will be back very soon! if you would like to be featured in a video instead/as well as a blog post let us know!